We are an integrated and independent company specialized in providing accounting and payroll management services and tax, financial, and legal advice. We offer our assistance to entrepreneurs and small companies, private investors, and public authorities at every stage of their development.

Diversity& Respect

Our customers rely on our talent and competence, whereas team members define its quality. Respect for everyone and every person’s contribution are a part of what we are. We value differences and diversity, knowing that new prospects make our organization more equitable and powerful.

Technical Excellence

The priority of all the projects and activities is providing the best services possible to our customers. Therefore, we continue to consistently implement the highest level of technical excellence and quality in everything we do. Through innovation and development, we aim to meet all the expectations of the stakeholders.


Providing excellent services is a must, yet without the rigorous moral values that we pursue for our own sake and for the sake of our customers, it would not mean much. Integrity is the foundation of our relationships within the organization, as well as our relationships with the customers and stakeholders.


Sustainable companies are responsible companies. We believe in responsibility, i.e. responsibility for our personal and professional behavior. We care about the way our work can affect communities and we are eager to make a difference.

About Us

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Our Principles

Building on the Best

Offering professional accounting services

Marketing business plan

Providing our customers with added value through our services, offering advice before problems emerge

Strategic business plan

Our customer is always ready for tax inspection.

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High Quality Services

As part of our service dedicated to our customers, we offer excellent bookkeeping services in the Republic of Moldova. The company accountants can offer you a wide range of professional industrial and commercial accounting services in various spheres of activity such as: Constructions and related industries; Energy industry; Sales and manufacture of consumer goods; Logistics and transportation; Retail trade; Services; Chemical and pharmaceutical industry; Information technology and telecommunications; Agriculture; Public sector.

Grow Your Business Strategy

We can help you detect any inconsistencies in your financial records to avoid economic hazards. We can also consult you on obtaining lower costs. We promote absolute business development in a way that really matters.

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Great Customer Experience

We are a very dynamic company based on excellence, experience, creative approach, and fidelity to our customers. Training and experience in accounting, as well as our strategic partnerships with domestic specialists enable us to offer complex, integrated, and efficient services to our customers. With a new insight into accounting procedures, constant attention, and concern for our customers’ needs, we offer them exactly what they require for successful business.